#1 – View from My Room : so Random and Timid Thoughts

I live on the 11th floor in the Chicago Building which is located on 7 West Madison Street in Chicago, IL. Right, I  live in the city, Chicago, one of the biggest city in the states. I like the view from my room – I can see people walking on the street all the way down, buses and cars going along the city routes, and different sides of buildings.

Across my dorm building, there is a tall, beige building with big windows, and I can see some office rooms in that building through the windows. They got some desks, a lot of papers, chairs, printers, computers, copying machines and so on. It sounds really creepy to look at everything in the office but I just can see them without any trying, or any intention of doing so. The people in the office don’t use roller blinds even though they have some. I am pretty sure that they know people in other buildings are able to see them. They probably wouldn’t care – since they always open the roller blinds. Anyways, I found really interesting fact during this week. Well, actually I found this uniqueness of the facing building about three weeks ago. Since I have moved in this building, I used to look outside and spontaneously watched the inside of the building which faces to the building I live in.Whenever I looked at the building, nobody was working. No one was even in the building. I thought it was really weird, but  it would be a mere coincidence of people not working in the office and my observation on the rooms. It may sounds ridiculous, but I hope to see someone working in the building. Sometime, people really do care about little, tiny, timid things. In my case, whether some people are working there or not is my concern now. I am looking forward to see working people in the future. 🙂


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