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Jonathan Safran Foer’s Book as Art Object

In response on December 7, 2010 at 11:11 am

Would you consider book art, art as well?

Explain why?

As Jonathan said, “I was more interested in subtracting than adding, and also in creating a book with a three-dimensional life. On the brink of the end of paper, I was attracted to the idea of a book that can’t forget it has a body”, his work is full of graphic design forms. By cutting out and carving out the books, he created new type of art work.

And explain who you think the audience for book art is?

Do you think this is a different audience from more common art forms?

I wouldn’t think there would be any limitation for book art. Since some part of book art use text, it would be more effective to people who can understand the words. However, even though people can’t understand the words, the audience still can appreciate other visual elements such as form, shape, layers of this sculpture.

Where would you like to see book art exhibited?

I would like to see this work in the library too since it is ‘book’ work. It would be really interesting to see ‘art work’ in not only art gallery, but also in public places.

If you could do a book art project, what would you like to make a book

I would chose my favorite book as he did, and make my own meaningful book. I want to put the value on my work, related to plot of the original book. It is intriguing to create my own unique version of book.