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Alter Ego Bio

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True Colors

1. Who is your alter ego(he,she or it?)

– A tough 24-year-old girl ( I think ’24years-old’ is old enough to take care of one’s business by oneself.)

2. What does he or she represent, which part of you does the alter ego represent?

– Rationality, logical thoughts/ judgment: Sometimes, I can be mean to people who act or talk thoughtlessly. It doesn’t mean that I hate that person, but his or her imprudent actions.

3. Where did your alter grow up, what is his history,family?

– She raised by herself. She doesn’t know her parents but her parents left a lot of fortune. She lives without her parents or friends.

4. What language does your alter ego speak?

– She speaks in Korean, French, English, Japanese, Italian and Russian. She never uses bad or curse words. She doesn’t talk much but say what she needs to say.

5. Where does your alter ego live?

– A huge house in Indiana, USA

6. What does your alter ego do?

– She does all the things that I do. Instead of studying at school, she goes out and help people. (playing with children in orphanage, providing some food for homeless people, etc.)

7. Does your alter ego have friends, relationships?

– She doesn’t have any friends; she is emotionless, like a robot.

8. What does he or she do, like, not like?

– She likes to protect herself, and that’s what she does all the time. She doesn’t like people know her. She hates people who are talking or acting without thoughts.

9. What does he or she look like?

– She has a long hair and tied it up. Wears sunglasses everywhere in every moments. Also she wears mouth masks.

10. What ids your relationship to your alter ego?

– She has the personality (logical thoughts, being clear about what she has to to, what she wants to do ) what I want to have.

Me Myself and I

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