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Any Trivialities

In Encounters/Observations on December 13, 2010 at 11:08 am

Oprah Winfrey’s triviality of starting a conversation with a big smile led her to be a successful female talk-show host. Bill Gates’ habitual giving back to the society brought him many benefits in his business. Trivialities that people easily overlook can lead people to have more opportunities in their lives.

Every day when I get back from school, I write down plans for the day. I list what I have to do such as home works or chores on my pocket notebook and urge myself to use time wisely. It helps me concentrate on getting my work done. It is a simple thing to do that takes me a minute but brings tremendous helps for my time management. I can figure out what I have to do before I am able to enjoy my free time. By practicing my triviality, I create opportunities for both leisure and work.


Talking with the Old man

In Encounters/Observations on December 7, 2010 at 8:38 pm

I went to Walgreen market to get some food. I was waiting for the line, and the man behind me asked started the conversation with me. The man had gray hair and seemed he was about 50 years old. He was kind- at least LOOKS nice.

“Is it your lab-top or notebook?”(pointing my labtop in my bag)

My bag opened and I didn’t even notice that.

“oh, this is my labtop” I answered.

“Is it for your class?”


“What school do you go to?”

“I go to SAIC- School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I am majoring in art”

Then, we keep talking about ourselves. Actually, he asked me a bunch of questions and I answered. Then it was my turn to pay my stuffs. He went to the next line since the lady just opened the next one, and he said bye to me. So did I. It was short but good time to have conversation with him.



At the Restaurant

In Encounters/Observations on December 7, 2010 at 7:39 pm

I went to the Sushi restaurant with my friends. It was about 7 o’clock and there were a lot of people in the restaurant. Since I didn’t eat at all today, I was hungry. The restaurant serves sushi buffet. We check the list of meal that we want to order and we can eat as much as we can.

It was really cold outside today. When I entered the restaurant, I could feel the warmth because people were crowded. I was so ready to eat. My friends and I were sitting on the second table from the counter, which is located to next to the window. Four of us were waiting foods served, and I found a man who was sitting facing to me.

The man looks he is a Chinese businessman. He wore a gray suit and white shirt, without tie. He was on the phone while he was waiting for food served. He was speaking in Chinese, I assume, and seems that he was talking on his friends in business. He held his cell phone on right hand, and using chopsticks on left hand. His voice was loud, and I was really wondering what he talked about.

Art and language

In Encounters/Observations on November 23, 2010 at 10:47 pm

Art is universal; art is timeless. This is why the masterpieces such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss exist and are loved by so many even now. Artists convert their opinions into visual displays, especially with colors and figures. Through art, they can communicate with other people in the world without the limitation of language barriers. However, since verbal communication fuels societies daily progressions, it is worthy to share one’s ideas through, not only painting or drawing, but also speaking and writing.

Sometimes, artists use symbols in their works, adding their own meanings. People would not understand clearly without artists’ written explanations. It is difficult to appreciate art work as properly as the artists intend, since lots of artist use the same items in different symbols from diverse countries and cultures. In addition, art is so personal that people sometimes struggle to figure out the true intention of the artists, especially in abstract works. Thus, placing reliance solely upon the visual apprehension can cause misunderstanding.

Although artists seem not to use written or verbal skills chiefly in their communications, language is still a basic factor for sharing ideas. I used to write my artist’s statement in art class. With my writings, I can present my ideas much more obviously and unmistakably to the viewers. Being an artist, I know that it is crucial to record and verbalize one’s own world of creation.